Top marks for NBN

November 03, 2017

The NBN is so far superior to the old ADSL connections that Evert Worm does not consider them comparable.

The Shepparton North resident has been connected to the NBN via a fibre-to-the-home connection for the past four months, and so far he has nothing to complain about.

His connection was sold as 100mbs down and 40mbs up from Victorian-based service provider Aussie Broadband.

At $80 a month for a basic connection with no phone service and 500gb downloads, it is far from the cheapest plan available, but Mr Worm said it offered value for what he wanted.

When he put his connection under the microscope as part of the Shepparton News NBN Speedtest he was very impressed with the results.

‘‘We normally get above 90 (mbs), it’s very good,’’ Mr Worm said.

‘‘We were getting maybe 500k (less than one megabit) when we were on ADSL2 as we were just so far from the exchange; it was pretty bad.’’

On his previous ADSL connection the internet could not be relied upon to stream a movie or download a large file without slowing down.

‘‘I wouldn’t be able to download a movie and have the kids playing on the Playstation, one service would soak up the bandwidth,’’ he said.

‘‘You could download a movie or play a game online, but you couldn’t do both on ADSL2.’’

At times the speed could get down to about 70mbs, and there had been a handful of dropouts since he was connected, but overall he considered the service first class.

Part of this he attributed to the fibre connection straight to his house.

He was fortunate to be part of the fibre-to-the-home rollout, which was the policy of the previous Labor Government, before a policy change by the Abbott and Turnbull Coalition governments.

‘‘I was panicking about them connecting here before the change (of policy),’’ he said.

Parts of Shepparton and Kialla missed out on the fibre-to-the-home service, and had fibre-to-the-node installed which uses copper to connect to the home.

He also gave top marks to his ISP, Aussie Broadband, for the stable and consistent speeds.

‘‘They are not like those ones that will keep signing people up until they are oversubscribed and don’t have enough capacity,’’ he said.

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