Is NBN delivering for you?

October 27, 2017

The News is investigating the experience of local NBN customers., asking readers to participate in a community speed test.

The subject of the National Broadband Network and its rollout across the country have been an ongoing talking point.

Its origins date back to 2006 when the Labor Party, then in opposition, announced its plans to roll out the network if elected.

In 2009, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the plan, that was to roll out fibre optic cables directly to homes and businesses.

In 2013, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the NBN would be delivered using a multi-technology mix, a change of approach from the previous Labor Government’s plans.

The new approach, using a mix of fibre to the premises and other technology, including existing copper wire, was said to allow big savings in comparison to the earlier plans.

Aside from the plentiful political debate on the issue, there are clearly significant issues from a customer perspective, both with delivery of connections and speeds.

Complaints about the NBN have increased 160 per cent to 27195 and overtaken complaints about mobile phones for the first time, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has reported.

At The News, we have been contacted by many people about their experience with the NBN, and there has been more negative feedback than positive.

Some have complained their service took far too long to connect, others claim they are not getting the service they are paying for, while some have had no problems with it at all.

In recent weeks we have presented some of these stories in the pages of The News and online as a representation of what our community is experiencing.

Today, we are launching our community speed test project, asking readers to get involved and investigate how well customers are being served for what plan they are paying for.

We are encouraging everyone who has access to the NBN to take part in the project, as we continue to represent our community and try to ensure we are getting the service we need and deserve.

You can get involved by visiting to check your speed, and then filling in the easy-to-use form at

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